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Financial Plans Tailored to You

We believe that financial planning should be for everyone. Whether you are a young professional looking for guidance or are nearing retirement, we can help. Our plans are completely customizable to account for your unique goals and objectives.

We offer different packages and pricing structures designed to meet a variety of needs and budgets. Want to pay monthly? We have a package for you. Want to pay for a one-time engagement or project work? We can do that too. Click the link below to learn more about our packages and pricing.

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Potential Financial Planning Topics

  • Guidance on cash flow management, budgeting, and emergency fund planning
  • Savings strategies
  • Debt and credit management
  • Retirement needs analysis and development of savings plan
  • Social Security and Medicare health care cost planning
  • Education on various retirement plan types, contribution limits, employer vs. self-directed
  • Options for saving for retirement for the self employed or small business owner
  • Analysis of risk tolerance
  • Review of asset allocation and overall diversification
  • Education and planning for stock options
  • General discussion regarding taxation of various stock plans and stock options
  • General discussion of investment tax issues, taxation of life insurance, taxation of annuities
  • General guidance on estate planning structures/documents
  • Estate planning and gifting strategies
  • Coordination with tax and/or estate planning professional
  • College cost and inflation analysis
  • Individual needs analysis and development of funding strategies
  • Discussion of college savings plans
  • Education on types of insurance
  • Insurance gap/needs analysis for life, disability, or long term care
  • Analysis and planning for estate liquity
  • Planning for policy ownership issues and beneficiary designations
  • Review of employer provided benefits and how best to utilize
  • Major purchase analysis (i.e. home purchase or downsizing)
  • Charitable giving and legacy planning
  • Planning for aging parents
  • Planning for marriage, divorce, single parents, or remarriage