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Our Compensation

Portfolio Management (Except Guided Wealth Portfolios)

* Platform, strategy, custodial fees as well as internal operating costs not included here. Costs will vary depending on construction of portfolio.

Guided Wealth Portfolios ("GWP")

GWP is our digital investment platform which combines the benefits of having a financial advisor with sophisticated technology. It is designed for clients looking to get started investing and are comfortable using an online platform to establish, view, and monitor their account(s).  

*Platform fees and internal operating costs not included here. Accounts valued at $10,000 or less have a $25 annual fee.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

* Annual renewal fee will be determined after the first year and will depend on anticipated need and overall complexity.

** Project work total cost will depend on overall complexity. Total project cost will be disclosed prior to entering into formal engagement and will have a capped maximum.

All Fees are Fully Disclosed Prior to Entering Into Formal Agreement

All fees are fully disclosed and discussed with you prior to entering into a formal agreement for portfolio management and / or financial planning. Our asset management fees and financial planning fees are negotiable depending on certain client situations.  


The purchase of a product from an insurance company will generally result in a commission being paid to the advisor. This may include: life insurance, disability insurance, long term care insurance and certain types of annuities. Also, certain brokerage arrangements may result in a commission paid to the advisor and would be fully disclosed prior to any transactions being executed.