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Our Process

We will walk you through a defined process to help you articulate and pursue your goals for the future.

1. Establish and Define our Relationship

 We have found that those business relationships that endure are ones based on patience and understanding and are maintained by open lines of communication. We want to know about you, and we will be honest with you about our business so that we can determine our compatibility for working together.

2. Collect Financial Information

 We will take the time to gather as much information as you are comfortable providing. The more detailed information you can provide us the better we are able to analyze and evaluate your individual situation.

3. Analysis & Evaluation

We will look at your total financial picture with you to identify your goals & objectives, evaluate your risk tolerance, consider your present or future income needs, and evaluate your estate and tax planning needs.

4. Develop & Implement Planning Recommendations

Your customized financial plan will include a clear understanding of your goals & objectives. We will review with you our recommendations so that you can make informed decisions. Upon your approval, recommendations will be implemented in a timely manner.

5. Ongoing Monitoring & Communication

 You can expect to have regular reviews of your portfolio. You can also expect to be listened to and to receive a timely response to your questions or concerns. As appropriate, adjustments will be made based on any changes to your personal financial situation.